Monday Motivation: The Iceberg Illusion

It’s been quite a hiatus on the blog side but hopefully this will kick it back into gear with a bit of Monday motivation!

A few days ago whilst browsing online I saw this really great and thought provoking image courtesy of @sylviaduckworthsuccess-iceberg

It made me think about running and how sometimes the result can seem the most important part.

On countless occasions when someone says they’ve run a particular race the next question will invariably be ‘What was your time?’ and I’m just as guilty as this on occasion.

Of course a fantastic time or even finishing an event is an enormous success to be celebrated but its also important to remember the process that went into achieving that result.

Like most icebergs there’s an awful lot that goes on underneath the surface that many don’t see: All those difficult runs that you really don’t want to do but get in anyway. The dedication to push at the right effort for the session you are doing. Even the occasional failures and disappointments that everyone has along the way.

As I’ve gained more experience over the years with coaching and running, I’ve learnt to embrace the process leading up to an event and embrace the positives and the negatives that invariably fall along the path. It’s also important to actually enjoy some of the process; if we’re in good mood it’s likely we’ll perform better.

In the past few months I’ve tried to have in my mind before a race a few building blocks that helped me get to the start line- it could be a particular good set of runs, a time when I kept up a strength routine at home or the resilience to get out there again next time after a particularly bad run.

I’ve found having this ‘bank of moments’ can help pick you up when the going gets tough. The last few days I’ve not been at my best and found running really hard, but I’ve got out there and I know that picking myself up and doing those runs will be in the ‘bank’ come my next race. Even if the result doesn’t turn out the way I want, I know that I’m doing the right things under the surface to achieve better next time.

So why not try it for your next race day and see how big that iceberg is under the surface.

What moments will be in your bank the next time you’re on the startline?

** I’ll try and get a few more training tips out there in the next coming weeks so keep returning to see what’s new! **


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