Hampshire Road Relay Championships

Just a quick post today.

On Sunday I took part in the Hampshire Road Relay Championships down at the Lakeside North Harbour in Cosham. In the men’s team for Lordshill were myself, Scott and Danny and there were a number of other men’s and ladies teams in attendance for the club.

I’ve been down to Lakeside a few times (Lakeside 5km, D-Day 10km) and have always known it to be a quick course. Today’s route was slightly different however, a 2 lap course (just under 5km in total) with around 70% run along a slightly uneven gravel path along the other side of the water and the rest along the cycle paths and roads of the estate.There was quite a bit of construction going on there with parts of the office park fenced off which probably necessitated the changes from the previous year.

It was a pleasant warm day when I arrived, and I had a chance to watch the ladies teams finish including our V50 ladies picking up the victory (although Di would point out that it was first of one team). The event seemed a rather quiet low key affair,  probably for a couple of reasons:

  • It’s only the second year they have reintroduced the event
  • The proximity to a number of other events (National Road Relays, Junior competitions and the upcoming London Marathon)

However there were a few other teams there (including a large contingent of Aldershot runners) that meant getting a high finishing position would be a challenge.

I was running the first leg and quickly found my stride just behind the leading Eastleigh and Aldershot teams. First time around on the gravel I was able to keep the pace and rhythm up with only a small gap to the leaders. Before the end of the first lap I was joined by another Aldershot team which kept me on it through into the second lap.

Once we hit the gravel the second time, it felt much harder dealing with the changing conditions underfoot and by the time we got back on the cycle path for the final blast 3rd place was slipping away. Still I managed to keep the pace high as I headed for the change over to Danny, crossing the line in 4th in 16:01 (somewhere around 16:45 for 5k equivalent).

13055172_1218103944891000_2022963514583766746_oDanny did a great job catching the Aldershot guy, putting us in a good position for the final leg. He looked really strong as he flew past me on my cool down job finishing in 16:40 (impressive seeing as this is sandwiched 13055682_1218104004890994_542054988433040375_obetween the Manchester and London marathons!). At the change over to Scott we had a 10sec gap or so over the teams behind us. Scott put in a really good run himself (16:43) but the final leg for the 2nd Aldershot team anchor leg managed to pass both us and their fellow team to finish second behind winners Eastleigh.

Hampshire Road Relays 2016A great 4th place overall and 2nd Senior team which meant the three of us picked up Silver Hampshire Athletics medals! In the end my own time was the 5th fastest of the day which I was really pleased with. It’s good to see that a few track sessions are doing me good and know that the next time I hit 5k on the road I will be in a good place to pick up a PB!






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