Bath Skyline parkun #77 Review

The start of a manic weekend with a new parkrun to try out!

Originally the plan had been to go back and see my parents for the weekend and take part in the Yeovil Half on the Sunday. Simple and relaxing.

However the weekend was to be a little busier. I had recently found out there was a running coaching workshop taking place on the Saturday in Bath (more on this in another post) which I really wanted to do so it meant an early start to get the train to Bath. Seeing that the train would arrive at 8:45 and the course not starting at 10 I had a ‘window’ to do a little running and spotted that there was a parkrun conveniently in the direction I wanted in Bath.

A quick exit from the train was needed as I had 15mins to cover the 1.5miles with a backpack up a very long hill to reach the start; not the ideal way to warm up for the next day. With one or two deviations from my intended path I reached the start just in time for the briefing and a removal of some layers in the chilly air.

Bath Skyline parkrun is quite a small parkrun compared to my usual run at Southampton and there were just over 250 runners there at the start line. The course is all off-road on a mixture of gravel paths, mud and open fields with a few ups and downs.


CaptureThe first short loop was pretty quick as it goes around a playing pitch and takes a sharp downhill drop. At this point you get a fantastic view of Bath (hence the parkrun’s name) with the Abbey and the Georgian architecture framed by the hills and fields around. Very soon the path veers up a set of steps that really tackle you to keep strong all the way to the top.





Onto the second loop I slowed my pace a bit, not wanting to push too hard with
the following day’s Half Marathon in mind
 so I enjoyed the winding paths through the woods before the route opened up and passed through a few open fields dotted with cows).



Before long I reached the end of this section and turned onto the straight gravel which stretched gradually downwards for 1km to the finish. I decided to open up a little here to get a feel for running at the pace I wanted to the next day (as well as get the overall pace back under sub 6m/m) and finished 7th in 18:12.

A really enjoyable parkrun with a good mix of paths and views. On my warm down to the University I even took the first loop again to grab some photos and have another look at the city below.

If you are ever in the area or visiting the historic (or modern) baths in Bath then I recommend trying out this parkrun. Whilst it could get quite muddy in places during the Winter, it was just at the right balance st the moment and would be very brilliant to see in the Summer. Go try it out!

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